ECOS-ATC has taken automatic tank cleaning operations to the next level of excellence



Drilling Fluid Tanks, or “mud pits/tanks” must be cleaned regularly to avoid solids build-up and cross-contamination while changing drilling fluid systems.


In the early 90’s, Tank Cleaning Machines (TCMs) were introduced to the oil and gas industry. Shortly afterward, Automatic Tank Cleaning (ATC) became the preferred method to handle this “dirty job” of mud tank cleaning operations. Ever since, ongoing research and development has paved a new way forward to introduce more effective and efficient mud tank cleaning technology.


In 2005, the first Automatic Tank Cleaning (ATC) system with wash-water recycling capabilities was introduced. In light of this technological advancement, TCMs for mud tank cleaning operations soon hit the market. Most recently, the first mobile ATC truck was developed for dockside supply boat tanks and land rig tank cleaning operations.


With in-depth knowledge, and proven field expertise through each step of this historical development, including the most advanced ATC installations for both onshore and offshore operations worldwide, ECOS-ATC has taken automatic tank cleaning operations to the next level of excellence.



With over 25 years of experience and oilfield expertise, the new ECOS Automatic Tank Cleaning (ATC) Unit has been re-designed and optimized to handle one of the dirtiest jobs in the world.


ECOS-ATC is made to service multiple offshore applications, such as, temporary or permanent installations, jumping from rig to rig, and/or cleaning supply-boat-tanks while onto the next rig. Our machine can also be used as a pre-separator unit in offshore wastewater treatment operations to separate solids and oil from water.


Additionally, for onshore applications, without any modification, ECOS-ATC may be installed on most container trucks or trailers and trucked around to clean tanks on land rigs, in mud plants or on supply boats in the harbor. ECOS-ATC Unit can also be transported by forklifts, crane, or easily installed and operated from almost any truck chassis with a PTO (Power Take-Out).

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ECOS-ATC Offshore

How does it work?


ECOS Automatic Tank Cleaning (ATC) Unit automates the traditional time consuming and labor-intensive task of cleaning mud tanks onboard drilling rigs and supply vessels. It is an operation well-known to be not only a “dirty job”, but also a potentially dangerous one for personnel.


Keeping safety as a core value, ECOS-ATC uses a fixed volume of cleaning water and thus, continuously feeds a supply of pressurized water through several Tank Cleaning Machines (TCMs) within the mud tank. Simultaneously, the unit returns this dirty water (slop) from the mud tank, recycles the cleaning water, and then captures all of the waste for safe disposal to help protect our environment.


In conjunction with optimally-positioned tank cleaning machines (TCMs), ECOS-ATC safely cleans mud tanks in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional manual cleaning crew. Cleaning water is recycled “on-the-fly” by efficiently and effectively separating mud, barite, sand and oil. The separated waste is automatically pumped into a waste separation tank/container positioned close to the unit.


The same “fixed” volume of cleaning water can be used over and over again to clean tanks (theoretically indefinitely) and no (or a very small volume of) waste is generated, except for mud residues existing in the mud tank prior to cleaning operations.


Cleaning Chemicals and Water Heating

To achieve the ultimate result in cleaning efficiency, ECOS-ATC is equipped with an internal soap tank and an automatic dosing system combined with water heating capabilities. By introducing a small amount of cleaning chemicals to the water and by rising the water temperature, the cleaning time is significantly reduced and the result is dramatically improved.

ECOS ATC offshore

Containerized and portable

ECOS-ATC is built into a certified container and can easily be used as a portable unit. By design, it has the capability to “jump” from rig to rig and also clean boat tanks in between rig operations. This same container can also serve as a tempered shelter for the unit to operate in temperatures below zero (freezing).


Small footprint

For ease-of use, ECOS-ATC unit is designed that only operational access is required from one-short-side of the unit. This means it can be installed onboard, while also having the other three-sides and top completely covered (not accessible).

Technical Data

Dimensions L x H x W 4264mm x 2896mm x 2438mm
(If not containerized) (3300mm x 2480mm x 2110mm)
Weight dry 7500 kg
(If not containerized) (4000kg)
Water capacity (maximum) 10000 liter
Chemical tank capacity 300 liter
Energy consumption maximum 55 KW
Processing rate 45 m3/h
TCM Pump flowrate 45 m3/h
TCM Pump maximum pressure 12,5 bar
Slop pump maximum flowrate 50 m3/h
Slop pump maximum pressure 4 bar
Construction material ATC Unit Stainless Steel AISI 316
Certifications ATEX Zone 1, DNV 2-7.1
Delivery time Currently in-stock

ECOS-ATC (TM) Truck Mounted

ECOS-ATC Truck-Mounted (TM) Unit is basically the same design as the ECOS-ATC Offshore Unit. The key difference between these products, is that ECOS-ATC (TM) is installed on a truck chassis and powered by the truck’s engine.


By means of installing a hydraulic pump on the truck’s Power Take-Out (PTO), in addition to, a hydraulic oil reservoir (tank) on the truck –  ECOS-ATC (TM) is powered, able and ready to clean. The truck’s engine with the pump and oil reservoir will serve as a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to deliver hydraulic power to run the pumps and valves inside ECOS-ATC (TM) Unit.


ECOS-ATC is designed to be installed on almost any truck chassis with a PTO as long as it can support the weight and power consumption. ECOS-ATC (TM) is especially designed to work separately or in combination with a vacuum truck to clean mud tanks on supply vessels in port, mud plants, land rigs and almost any other tank a truck can gain access.

ECOS ATC Truck mounted

ECOS supplies all of the necessary components to prepare your truck to support and power-up an ECOS-ATC Unit and also provides engineering assistance during the installation process.

Technical Data (without the truck)

Dimensions L x H x W 4264mm x 2896mm x 2438mm
Weight dry 7500 kg
Water capacity (maximum) 10000 liter
Chemical tank capacity 300 liter
Energy consumption maximum 55 KW
Processing rate 45 m3/h
TCM Pump flowrate 45 m3/h
TCM Pump maximum pressure 12,5 bar
Slop pump maximum flowrate 50 m3/h
Slop pump maximum pressure 4 bar
Construction material ATC Unit Stainless Steel AISI 316
Certifications DNV 2-7.1
Delivery time Currently in-stock

ATC consultancy/Rig survey

ECOS has the global technical expertise to support all engineering assistance a client may require to own, install and operate an ECOS-ATC Unit. The work typically begins with a rig/boat survey for existing vessels. For new projects, it is highly recommended that ECOS is involved at the time when mud tanks are designed to enable units to be “Cleaning friendly”. This is a point in time when small investments can result in most benefits related to optimal tank cleaning operations, for example, choosing the right equipment and designing a proper waste stream system is crucial to “get it right the first time.”


Highlights to “get it right:”

  • Tank design
  • TCMs and nozzle size
  • TCM Placement and length of downpipe
  • Slop return system
  • Pipe routing and sizing
  • ATC Unit placement and power supply
  • Control system
  • Waste tank/skip/mud-box
  • System startup/commissioning
  • Operator training onboard
ECOS ATC consultancy

A rig survey/report is an important “guide” toward developing an optimal ECOS-ATC system that will satisfy rig operations for as long as the rig’s lifetime. This is a key component that ECOS offers it’s valued customers with a goal and commitment toward operational success.

Tank cleaning equipment

ECOS offers all the following components a client may need to help support any mud tank cleaning operation:

-ATC Unit

-Pumps and customized pump skids

-Cleaning Chemicals (Soap and defoamer)

-Chemical dosing system

-Tank Cleaning Machines especially designed for mud tank cleaning

-Special cleaning nozzles

-Hoses and couplings

-Stainless Steel Pipe systems and fittings for cold installation


-Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and Hydraulic equipment

-Special hatch covers for portable TCM installation


For more information, contact us today.

ECOS ATC Tank cleaning equipment

About us

ECOS offers its valued customers the most advanced technological innovation for automatic tank cleaning (ATC) in the oil and gas industry. With over two decades of field-expertise, and also considering that mud tank cleaning is a difficult task to automate, we are committed to delivering total customer service satisfaction.


ECOS has a wide range of products and services to address our client’s needs for automatic tank cleaning and wash water recycling. Our main product, ECOS-ATC unit is designed, certified and manufactured to precision as a leading technological advancement worldwide.


Proudly made in Denmark, our system’s main components are “hand-picked” from leading manufacturers/suppliers in western Europe, mainly, Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Each step of our manufacturing process is outsourced to top-qualified facilities and evaluated to deliver the highest standard of product excellence. Each component is then collected and assembled by one of Denmark’s finest manufacturing and welding facilities recognized for their level of expertise with stainless steel product manufacturing.


We also offer single components for tank cleaning operations, such as, Tank Cleaning Machines (TCM’s), pumps, cleaning chemicals, chemical dosing equipment, hoses, nozzles, hatch covers and more.

ECOS ATC about us - manufacturing

Built on a history of proven-field experience, ECOS offers expert consultation services to find optimal solutions for our clients. Our services include: rig surveys, high-quality equipment sourcing and optimal TCM positioning.


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  • Designing and dimensioning of machinery installations on ships and offshore platforms
  • Global Automatic Tank Cleaning expert

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