Technical Information

ECOS-ATC is able to service multiple tank cleaning operations for either land or sea, on a permanent or temporary basis. The unit can also be used as a pre-separator for offshore wastewater treatment.


ECOS-ATC is installed inside a standard ISO container. Our unit can be transported by forklift, crane, and/or by most container trucks or trailers. It can be operated from nearly any truck chassis with a PTO (Power Take-Out), if the weight capacity and power supply is adequate.


This high-degree of mobility supports most tank cleaning operations for land installations, mud plants or supply boats dockside. In fact, it can enable cleaning for almost any tank that the truck can gain access to, as ECOS-ATC truck installations work separately or in conjunction with a

vacuum truck.


ECOS-ATC can also operate in temperatures below zero (freezing).


Manufactured in Denmark, the system's main components are “hand-picked” from leading manufacturers and suppliers across western Europe, mainly, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK. With each step, our manufacturing process is outsourced to top-qualified facilities and evaluated to deliver the highest quality materials and overall product. All materials inside the container are stainless steel.


To operate the ECOS-ATC unit, a small operational area of (2,9m x 4,3m) and access to only one short-side of the container is required.