Consultation Service

ECOS-ATC offers our customers "first-in-class" technical expertise. Our team is ready to support engineering teams and business operations on a global scale.

Typically, an ECOS-ATC installation and operation begins with a site-evaluation and field survey.

For new sites under construction, it is highly recommended that ECOS-ATC team gets involved from the moment a project hits the drawing board. 


Our ultimate goal is to help our customers "get it

right the first time and save money."


Site evaluation aspects:


  • ECOS-ATC site placement
  • Waste container/skip evaluation
  • Tank design
  • Power supply
  • Control system
  • Cleaning nozzle position
  • Slop return system
  • Pipe sizing and routing
  • Truck installation
  • System startup
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training