2016 – current
Frank ECOS AS,
CEO, Founder, and Inventor – Norway

  • Inventor and Investor of the ECOS Automatic Tank Cleaning (ATC)
  • Managing Director for the design and manufacturing processes of the ECOS ATC Unit

Consultant for Schlumberger Norge AS to optimize operations for the ATC Truck Unit to effectively and efficiently clean mud tanks onboard the supply vessels for Equinor (Statoil)

2007– 2016
Global ATC Technical Manager, Schlumberger/M-I SWACO USA. Norway

  • Co-inventor and technical designer of the Award-winning Schlumberger ATC Truck(s) Unit (World Oil Award 2017)
  • Inventor and designer of the Schlumberger ATC Lite Unit
  • Rowan “Renaissance” drillship, ATC installation and System Start-úp Offshore
  • Ocean Rig Mylos drillship, ATC Installation and System Start-úp Offshore
  • Shiptronics/Prosafe “Safe Scandinavia”, ATC installation design
  • M/S Norbar and M/S Comabar Mud transport ships, ATC Installation System Start-úp Offshore

Global Technical Service Engineer for Automatic Tank Cleaning, M-I SWACO. USA

  • Inventor and designer of the M-I SWACO Automatic Tank Cleaning Unit (ATC Standard)
  • Project Manager for the ATC Unit serial manufacturing in Norway and Italy
  • Global technician responsible for ATC surveys, operations, training, and system start-up worldwide; USA Canada, Norway, UK, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Romania, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Trinidad, Congo
  • BP Thunder Horse, ATC Layout and Installation

Toftejorg /Alfa Laval USA. Project Engineer developing tank cleaning machines and ATC systems for supply vessels and drilling rigs (US gulf).


1993-2000 Toftejorg Norway. Project Engineer developing tank cleaning machines and ATC systems for supply vessels, and drilling rigs (North Sea).


Education. M.Sc Marine Engineering at NTH (Norwegian Institute Of Technology)

Education. B.Sc. Machine Engineering NIH (Narvik Engineering College)

Military Service. Serving as Ship Engineer for the Norwegian Navy